A close parallel to van idea, feeling, or event.

The repetition in structure and content of one speaker’s utterance by another.
The deliberate introduction of reverberation into a sound recording.
A sound or sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.
A reflected radio or radar beam. A characteristic that is suggestive of something else.
A person who slavishly  repeats the words or opinions of another.

A result of imitation.


Throughout the works, motifs recur. Such as the
mirror and reflections, Traces of past lives,
shifts between cyberspace and actual existence,
and the lover who torments without requital.


The book is a 32 page Risograph booklet with
10 2-colour plates and 4 1-colour plates.
Each of the colour plates are photographs shot
with the Mamiya RZ67 in 6x7 by Y. Levy and F.Copeland,
featuring the artwork of:


Johannes Arolt (DE)

Ana Barbu (RO)

Kami Bugnet (IL)

Anna Hanlon (NZ)

James Fuller (UK)

Taizo Matsuyama (JP)

Alexandra Neuman (US)

Matthias Numberger (DE)

Helen Rowlands (UK)

Ben Thomas (UK)


And Further text from:


Elisabeth Eichler (DE)

Chaveli Sifre (PRI)



REPLIKA is a three dimensional magazine bringing together artists from all spheres to explore a unified concept. With each issue, artists, writers, musicians and creators of all descriptions are invited to explore a given theme, and to respond with an object-based, serialised work.

Replika Publishing


Our second issue is focused on the concept of ELLIPSE. It is the result that occurs when a cone is cut by an oblique plane which does not intersect the base; it is a life cycle or imperfect loop; circularity, rotundity, cycle, ring, areola, eye, loop, wheel, orb, cincture, noose. We turned once more to our friend Roget - of outdated thesaurus fame - in defining what can or could be an ELLIPSE.


As in a game of telephone, or a broken radio transistor, ELLIPSE is about passing information through a fragmented loop. Human relationships, in particular familial and marital, are explored through folding and rusting forms, the longing for connection with nature and urban spaces and the search for an art practice equivalent to a close friend’s embrace. The notion of a cyclical history of a precious material becoming commonplace. The female form retraced until almost all trace is lost. Mechanical attempts to counterfeit imagination.

You can purchase the edition, book or promotional postcards



Each issue consists of ten boxes in lieu of a book, each containing ten works by ten different artists. As each piece is replicated manually,
each of the 10 boxes vary slightly and are a unique collectable. The box is accompanied by a book, in which each work is photographed and itemised along with an accompanying text from the artist, alongside other text-based submissions and contributions from the curators.

Issue One


Issue One: Echo was held at Holz Kohlen Koks Galerie, Reuterstraße 82, 12053 Berlin. On Saturday the 11th of June
2016 at 19:00. HERE


You can view issue
one at Reminders Photography Stronghold
131-0032, 2-38-5, Higashi-mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


Issue Two

Key Visual


If your institution, public archive, public collection or library would like a copy of any one our issues, please contact us

Hamid Aaqil Shah (AF)

Mark Blickley (USA)

Chloe Brenan (IE)

Kami Bugnet (IL/DE)

Freya Copeland (UK/NZ/DE)

Karl Dieter Schmid (DE)

Eri Dimitriadi (GR)

JM Francis (NZ)

Rita Gaspar Vieira (PT)

Diane Hillebrand (DE)

Frie J. Jacobs (BE)


Nils Köpfer (DE)

Takuya Koyama (JP/DE)

Youvalle Levy (IL/DE)

Taizo Matsuyama (JP)

Jacintha Murphy (IE/DE)

Chris Morrin (IE/DE)

Ainsley O’Connell (NZ)

Ben Pearce (NZ)

Esther Poppe (DE/ZA)

Andrea Shettler (CA/DE)

Nuno Sousa Vieira  (PT)

Toyah Webb (NZ)